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美国公车时间表与车上设施--绿色的春天 Bus Timetables and Accessible --Green in Spring

wh  10-10-14 16:49


Bus Timetables:


In the small and medium-sized cities in the United States, generally bus timetables can be seen at every bus stop. Buses usually arrive on time. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 5 to 15 minutes to catch a bus. However, in the evening and on the weekends, there are far fewer buses operating.

Accessible services facilities on the bus:
Seats for the seniors and the disabled passengers




Two seats at the front of the bus are designated as priority seats for the seniors and the disabled, according to law. Often, even if these seats are empty, able-bodied people will not take them. Most buses are equipped with an access ramp and the kneeling function at rear door for disabled passengers. The bus driver can lower the bus at the push of a button and extend the ramp for passengers using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The wheelchair securement area is located at the rear of the bus, and is equipped with safety belt to secure wheelchairs.
U.S. buses do not sell tickets, and the driver also serves as the operator.



Bike on buses



In many cities in the United States, buses are equipped with front-mounted bicycle racks so cyclists can take their bikes with them. It is a convenient service for both work commutes and recreational trips.  Bicycle racks can only carry two bikes at a time and are available on a first come, first serve basis. If the bike rack is full, just wait for the next bus. It will not wait too long for the next one to come.

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