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Bustling Egyptian wedding

carroll  13-07-24 17:20

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Egyptians pay much attention to marriage, viewing it as one of the most important things in life. It is the permanent home of spirit and body and the fusing of man and Allah. Marriage is a religious duty, a way to demonstrate respect for Allah, and a responsibility to one’s family. 
I lived in Egypt for four years and often was invited by Egyptian friends at least ten times to join them at their weddings. The wedding ceremonies were full of unique characteristics. I will talk about the Egyptian wedding ceremonies I have attended. 
A few days before the official wedding ceremony, the local mosque’s imam directed the bride and groom to sign a marriage contract in front of relatives and friends, and then the couple received the marriage certificate. On the day of the wedding, everyone went to the hotel or club. The wedding ceremonies we attended were almost all held in clubs. We arrived at eight or nine in the evening. As soon as we went in, the loud music invigorated us. The bride and groom were seated on a high platform. They posed in all different ways as people hustled to get pictures. It felt like a press conference. After the picture taking finished, the most exciting part was about to arrive. As all their relatives and friends watched, the groom took necklaces and bracelets and placed them on the bride’s neck and wrists. At that moment, you could feel how the bride was surrounded by happiness. 
After the jewelry giving, people began to dance. The bride and groom were the first to dance, then the groom danced solo. All the men surrounded him and clapped. Then all women surrounded the bride and danced. The music was rock’n roll. Egyptians say that only that type of music can spark their interest. In the end, people tossed the groom in the air to express their endless happiness. Women who took their children also carried them up and bounced them with the music. 
Usually we would leave around eleven o’clock, because it was late for us Chinese. But for Egyptians, the real evening had just begun. Some of my friends said that the wedding celebration would last almost through the entire night. Musicians played folk instruments while singing and dancing, lasting until early morning. The thing Egyptians excel at most is singing and dancing. They cannot live without music and dance, even in the distant desert.


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