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罗卡角——欧亚大陆的最西点 Cabo da Roca—the Westernmost Point of Eurasia——Carol

wh  10-11-30 15:16

        我一直都很好奇“天涯海角”是什么样子。这次的葡萄牙之行终于圆了这个梦,我来到了欧亚大陆的最西端——罗卡角(Cabo da Roca)。

had always been wondering what the ends of the earth looked like. My recent trip to Portugal finally satisfied my curiosity, for I traveled to Cabo da Roca—the westernmost point of Eurasia.

After transferring twice from Lisbon, capital of Portugal, I came to Cabo da Roca. The adventurous journey was well interpreted by the driver of Bus 403, who was racing instead of driving. I couldn't help worrying about the racing speed of the bus on the narrow road with numerous curves. However, later inquiries revealed that the driver was wronged. The road had to be covered with such a speed to keep up with the schedule. I wondered whether the original designer of the timetable calculated the time in line with the speed of F1.


We got off the bus and came to the Visitor Center, and the first glance was nothing but the beautiful seascape. The azure sky, the blue sea, they simply merged into one color. Maybe the remote location gave an explanation to the few tourists. Going near to the sea, I recognized that the seaside was actually cliffs rising about one hundred meters above the sea level. Oh, the end of the sky and the corner of the sea, I came to you at last! My hair, loosely hanging down, was dancing freely in the strong sea wind. Standing in front of the sea, I couldn't help thinking of the great navigation times of the Portuguese 500 years ago, which was full of excitement…


On a stone plaque standing at the edge of the cliff was inscribed the famous line of the Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes "the place where the land ends and the sea begins."

At the Visitor Center of the Tourism Administration of Cabo da Roca, I spent 10 euros on a certificate as a proof of my visit to the most westerly point of the sea. The certificate was printed with the words "Cabo da Roca is located at 38º47´N, 9º30´W, 147m above sea level" as well as the famous line of Camoes.

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