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饮食的文化差异之外国老鼠恨大米 Foreign Mice Hate Rice!——Zhang Ye

wh  11-01-23 22:34


Chinese food is well recognized as No.1 in the world. But if we think that foreigners must love to eat Chinese food everyday, it would be totally wrong. According to my experience, three days after foreigners eat Chinese food everyday, they begin to miss food like Hamburgers. It is normal. If you see a foreign Child can eat up a big steak, you will understand: Chinese and westerners are not evolved from the same type of apes.  
Material habits such as food culture are just like what described in a cross talk, "They are melt in the blood and carried out in actions." Therefore, it is difficult for change. However, what made me really understand this is neither the eternal Chinese stomach nor hungry foreign kids. I really should thank foreign mice. A line of the lyrics of a popular "Husband, husband, I love you just like mice love rice." 
Once I moved into an old apartment. After living there for a while, I found that there were rice activities during the past evenings. I talked with the landlord. He said that there were rice before, but their activities are not so frequent. He asked me if mice had made any damage to me. I said that it was strange that mice obviously entered the storage room, but they did not eat rice I put there. 
Foreigners can understand foreign rice better. After heard what I said, my landlord gave an analysis of the problem: Chinese food did not suit foreign mice. Mice cannot find their normal food such as bread and cheese. They were so hungry that they just went around in order to find something to eat. His analysis reminds me of Japanese who went villages and robbed grains, because the eight route army was clearing enemies and they had to run around like flies in villages. 
The second day, my landlord brought me several mouse clips and told me again and again that I should not use Chinese food as baits.  
Long long ago I heard a story. In the story, a wife had to leave home for a period. She made a big Chinese pancake and put it around her husband's neck. When she came back home, she found her husband already died of hunger, because her husband was so lazy that he only ate the part which he can touch with his mouth. The first time when I heard it, it just sounded too ridiculous to be credible. It is so obvious to know it is a made up story. Actually it would be much better if we adopt this story into a brain teaser. Why did this man die of hunger? The standard answer would be: this woman married a foreigner who did not like Chinese pancakes.

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