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空中监狱 Jail in the Air——张叶

cindy  11-06-15 10:02


In 1930s, when people went Europe, they needed to travel for about 1 month on ocean. Actually it was only 70 years ago. Now, it takes only more than 10 hours even to the farthest place in Europe. It can be the reality: If you leave Beijing in the morning, you can go to Europe and America and come back within one day.


Once I was so longing for the life in which people can fly from one country to another. This kind of life looks too attractive in appearance. After making great efforts, I finally became a member of the jet society. After several journeys, I realized it was not as funny at all. The feeling is much worse than when you eat sumptuous dinners everyday and long for homemade meals. After all, there are must be at least one dish in a sumptuous dinner you like. But once you are on board on a continental flight, all you have are regretful tears.


Domestic flights are normally short. Before you realize what is happening, you already arrive. Once taking an international flight, we all fooled by airline companies. The payment of several thousand RMB only is for a well decorated hard seat. Besides, the seat is really inhumane. Can you lie down for a rest when nobody seats besides you? No way. There are armrests. Can you play poker with friends? The back to back seating design makes it impossible for a poker game. Can you get up and have a walk? In order to walk in the narrow corridor between toilets, you need to keep on saying sorry.


Suddenly I see: I pay to stay in an inescapable jail. My seat is a single cell. The safety belt is a waist cuff. As to air hostesses, they are beautiful jail guards.


It is no wonder that it is free to have meals here. Does one single jail you see charge money for meals? Airline companies have their own reasons to do so: you have no chance to complain. Can you complain when they offer your meals, although you pay the flight? Therefore, meals, drinks, music, movies and smile, no matter how poorly made, are all free. If you still complain about free meals, what kind of person you are?


The most unbearable thing is that I have to quit smoking every time when I am on flight. This unintelligible smoking cessation is very harmful for mind and body as well. It is like a man who never takes exercise one day gets up early and run marathon. Now you know the truth of continental flights. Just imagine: an addict is put into a single cell.


The original sin of the international jet society is to go cross continents within less than 20 hours. With this sin, I have to throw myself into air jail once and again.


I don't know how people will travel in the future. But I can imagine how they will think about our continental flights today: Hundreds of people are put into an iron cube with wings and slowly fly from one place to another.

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