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地球妈妈别哭泣 Don’t cry, Mother Earth!----景馨瑶

estella  11-12-26 15:34

Language:中文 pin yin English

Who’s that crying, causing the rain to fall? Who’s that crying, causing the stream to stop running? Who’s that crying, causing the starlets to lose their rays? Oh! It’s our Mother Earth.
Don’t cry, Mother Earth! We are taking care of the trees, planting more and restoring forests, helping you become green once again.
Don’t cry Mother Earth! We are protecting the oceans from pollution and erosion.
Don’t cry Mother Earth! We are doing our best to maintain the circle of life to allow the animals to live happily and to help you  glow with vitality once again.
Don’t cry Mother Earth! We are advocating energy-saving emission-reduction and a low-carbon lifestyle to purify the  polluted air and refresh you.
Don’t cry Mother Earth! We are seeking peace, stopping wars and all the chaos to allow all on earth to live happily.
Mother Earth, please don’t cry. We will clothe you with new garments and find your lost smile. In the near future, you will see us sitting on the green grass, looking up at the stars in the sky, listening to the happy songs of the streams and breathing in the fresh air.
Mother Earth, please dry your eyes and bring back your beautiful smile.



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