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我爱你,冬天I Love the Winter----景馨瑶

estella  11-12-29 11:09

Language:中文 pin yin English

Winter is my favorite season. Winter is the time when snow falls, plum flowers burst into bloom, little animals fall asleep and people who are busy the whole year enjoy the harvest.
I love winter, because in winter, snow falls and it is like a cute elf with hexagonal hat, secretly coming around. When we ski, snow blows against our faces, as if it says, “come to chase me!” When I expect that I could skate in a skating rink, it seems talk to me, “you can do it. Just try!”  When we slip on the ice, it seems to encourage me, “come on! Stand up!”
I love winter, because in the winter, plum flowers raise their heads which gives beautiful scenery for the world. It seems as if the faint fragrance sings an eternal hymn which shows it does not fear cold.  
I love winter, because in winter, little animals reserve energy for the next year. They fall into sweet dreams, in which there are bell-like laughter, smile from winter jasmines and vitality brought by newly-born bamboo shoots, grass and flowers.
The winter which seems to be frozen actually is not cold at all. Like a cup of warm cocoa, it contains happiness, anger, grief and joy of a year. There is laughter and happiness, regret of wasting time, and depression of failure. But there is also desire towards good life next year. I love winter.



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