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一个难忘的人 A person I cannot forget----景馨瑶

estella  12-02-29 10:31

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As an old saying goes, “Your associations will rub off on you” A person will know many people in his or her life, but not all of them will become good friends. I am fortunate that there are many people by my side who always help and remind me.
       在我的记忆里,有一个姐姐。她有着乌黑发亮的头发,红扑扑的脸庞,以及那玛瑙般 的大眼睛。她的脸上始终带着微笑。在我面前,她就像个大人一样,但是偶尔也透露出淡淡的孩子气。她就是我儿时的邻居。
I remember there was an older girl who had black hair, rosy cheeks and big bright eyes. She always smiled. She acted like an adult in front of me, but once in a while she would reveal her inner child. She was my neighbor when I was little. 
She treated me well. When she had good things she shared with me. We often hang out together. Once, my mother took me and the neighbor girl to a newly-opened shopping mall. I heard it was a mall where you could shop, relax and find entertainment. Wow! It was really big! I was full of curiosity; there were so many new things for my eyes to take in.
        我和妈妈还有姐姐逛了一圈,脚也酸了,不知不觉到了一家被人群簇拥着的冰激凌店。我们好不容易挤进人群里找到了位子。正准备坐下,突然边上有一个女孩子,推开我们,快速坐在我们的位子上。我愣住了,转而气愤地说“这是我们先找到的位子!”没想到,她不屑地斜了我一眼,之后便不理我了。我更生气了,“什么意思?抢位子就算了,还鄙视我们?”我提高了嗓门“这个位子是我们的,请让开好么?”这次她竟然说:“谁看到这位子是你的了?”我觉得自己要火冒三丈了。这时,后面有一个人抓住了我的肩膀,是姐姐。之后,姐姐跟我说: “那个女孩是不对。但是我们也有错啊。如果我们排队领位,也就不会有这样的不开心了,对吗?而且,在大庭广众下这样争吵,你觉得好吗?我们不是要做有素质的上海人嘛?”我虽然委屈,可听了姐姐的话,也羞愧难当。
After walking around our feet were tired when unexpectedly, we came across a crowded ice cream shop. It wasn’t easy for us to make our way through the crowd to find seats. Just when we were about to sit down, suddenly the girl standing next to us  pushed us out of the way and quickly sat in our seats. I froze for a moment, turned toward her and then angrily said, “We found these seats first!” I never expected that all she would do was glare at me and then ignore me. I was even angrier, “What is she thinking? Not only did she steal my seat, but also gave me a dirty look!” Then I raised my voice. “This is my seat; could you please get out of my way?” Then to my surprise she said, “Who said this seat was yours?” I felt furious. Just then, someone grabbed my shoulder, it was the neighbor girl. She said to me, “Although that girl was wrong, we were not right either. If we stood in line and waited our turn, we would not have had this unhappy experience. Besides, do you think it’s right to argue like this in public? We should be civilized Shanghainese”. Although I felt that I had been wronged, after listening to her words, I felt ashamed.
Although the neighbor girl moved away, I will always remember her words. Even now when I face different problems, they serve as a reminder to me. I believe one day, people will understand that being a civilized person also allows others who surround us to live happily.


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