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一件难忘的事 A Thing I Cannot Forget

estella  12-04-06 09:37

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Growing up, I met a lot of people and came across many different things. . Some things surprised me, some were unexpected and the others disappointed me, or made me sad. But as a child growing up in a city, there is one thing that remains fresh in my mind. 
It was weekend morning. Mother had told me she would take me to a special place. The whole way there, I was trying to guess which place it was. After a short while, we arrived. It was a large orchard, full of peach trees. The orchard is well-known for its flat peaches, known in folklore as the “peaches of immortality”. According to legend, the heavenly Queen Mother held a banquet in Jasper Lake to sample flat peaches. It was said that the flat peaches were beautiful in form, brightly colored, and had delicious flavor. They were ripe and robust yet easy to peel, and juicy. I could not help but want to taste them immediately.   
When I reached the orchard, there were too many peaches for my eyes to take in. Flat peaches are different from other kinds of peaches. They are flat like moon cakes, with a reddish color on top. With sweet and juicy flesh, they are well deserving of the name “peaches of immorality”. There were so many peaches on the trees. The blue sky above was covered by leaves of the peach trees. In the shade of the trees, looking up at the peaches, I wanted even more to try and pick one. How exciting to pick the famous “peaches of immortality” for myself! With the help of fruit farmer, I stepped onto the ladder and carefully climbed to the top. I could now see the peaches up-close. They were small and delicate, like beautiful flowers. I picked them gently. They were soft and light; my mouth started watering. The farmer told me that flat peaches were sweet, delicious and nutritious. They are full of nutrients; high in iron, which helps to prevent and treat anemia. With just one taste, it melted in my mouth down into my heart; then I knew they truly were “peaches of immortality”.
I tasted for myself the magic of the “peaches of immortality”. The delicacy of its flavor, its fresh and earthy aroma, cannot be found in the city. It was really an unforgettable intimate encounter with nature.


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