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母亲节送给妈妈的水果派对 A "Fruit Party" for Mum on Mother's Day——Bao Wenzhuo

wh  10-11-08 00:49

        “砰!”屋门被关上,妈妈终于去午睡了。 到底送妈妈什么好呢?我暗暗思量,平时妈妈总是买水果给我吃,不然给妈妈做盘水果沙拉吧!这个想法一蹦出我的脑袋,自己都被吓了一跳。做水果沙拉可是得用刀呀!平时很少动刀,万一刀刃划着手怎么办?可是一想到是要送给妈妈的礼物,我立刻把对刀的恐惧抛到了脑后。

"Mother's Day was drawing near. What should I give to my mother as a present?" My mother had to work and take care of me. I should give her a nice present. I just tried to bear it in mind.

Finally, the door was closed. My mother went for a noon nap. What should I give to her? I was thinking and thinking. My mother always bought fruits for me. Maybe I should make a fruit salad for her? This thought jumped out of my head. I was surprised and also frightened by the idea. Do I have to use knife to make a fruit salad? I hardly used a knife. What would happen if I cut myself? However, when I thought it was a present for my mother, this fear suddenly disappeared.

I chose apple and mango. I washed them and cut them into pieces and lay them on a plate and covered a few spoons of blueberry sauce. It seemed that I did not use enough sauce. I then make a shape of heart on the fruit with ketchup. Voila! The fruit salad was completed. This seemed not enough. I had a sudden inspiration! I poured some popcorn into the bowl and covered it with some blueberry sauce. Then I took my birth hat out and placed it on the salad. Besides, I thought I still need a nice piece of tablecloth. A piece of red clothes was then placed under this "fruit party". It looked so pretty! The "fruit party" was already completed and my mother was still in sleep. Everything was all ready.

When I felt so elated, the door was opened. My mum walked out of her room with a drowsy face. I blocked the table with my body and told my mother, "Close your eyes." Then I moved my body away. "Wow!" My mother saw it and held me tightly. She walked to the salad and enjoyed it with a fork. My mother and I first ate the heart shaped tomato pieces, and then the blueberry sauce underneath. After I watched my mother finish the last piece, I was so happy. My mother recollected the pleasant flavor and said, "Sweet and sour. So tasty! Thanks you, my little darling."

What pleased me more is that my mum was humming the whole afternoon and seemed extremely happy, even though she had a busy morning.



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