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《城南旧事》读后感 Impressions after Reading My Memories of Old Beijing——Bao Wenzhuo

wh  10-11-09 22:39


The author of the book is Lin Haiyin. She described her childhood when she was living in the southern Beijing.

I like the book very much since the story is quite new for me and the language is casual which gives me a carefree and relieving feeling. While reading the book, I could personally experience the life the lovely girl Yingzi had led before. The book is full of dialogues which are interesting and humorous, enabling me to realize the happiness when Yingzi and her friends Niuer and Xiuzhen were hanging out as well as the love in her family. The only regret is that the book is all about the "old Beijing", so some colloquial expressions in the story are beyond my apprehension.

When I was reading the book, I could not help thinking how lucky I would be if I was the little girl who had such a happy, relieving and unforgettable childhood rather than the one filled up with endless homework and interest classes. However, compared with Niuer, my life was pretty good, for at least, my mom and dad are really my parents and I don't need to earn money by being forced to sing opera. To my satisfaction, at last she found her own parents.

A happy childhood and some detailed descriptions constitute the book of My Memories of Old Beijing.



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