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北京旅游片段 Episodes of Touring in Beijing——Bao Wenzhuo

wh  10-11-09 22:56

Tian AnMen


When I watched the military parade on the national day, I saw the magnificent Tian'anmen Square. My heart was yearning for it. I decided to visit it on this trip to Beijing.
Tian'anmen Square is quite far from where we live. We had to take a bus, and then travel underground with three changes to get there. When I finally saw the grand tower with red walls and yellow tiles, I was filled with pride. Visitors were from all over the world. I saw white-skinned Europeans and Americans, and black Africans. The most eye-catching ones were Indians with their glamorous garments. They wore nose ring and big ear rings. Their golden clothes with paillettes were shining in the sunlight. They walked with tickling sounds.
We followed the crowd to come to the top of the tower of Tian An Men. We were standing where Chairman Mao gave his speeches. Then we went to visit Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall. We had to join the long winding queue and walked into the hall. Because we can only see Chairman from a far distance, I did not have a clear look of his face. I only saw that he lied on his back with a Party flag covering his body. He was surrounded by flowers. The atmosphere was solemn. People all removed their hats to pay their respects to him.

The Olympic Village


The magnificent bird nest and the magic water cube are so enchanting. I finally got a chance to visit them.
I stood at the foot of the enormous bird nest. I raised my head to watch it. I was submerged in the joy. The real bird nest looked more real than it was on television and under the spotlight. It was composed of threads of iron and conveyed a cozy feeling as a bird's nest. The inside of the bird nest was a sport field covered with plastic racetracks. The center of the sport field was a green lawn. After close observation, I found out how they arranged the audience's seats. The red seats on the first floor were in the majority. The red seats and the white seats were almost the same in number on the second floor. On the third floor, there were more white seats. It is said the building in front of my eyes was built at the cost of more than 3 billion RMB. The figure surprised me.
Then we went to the water cube. From outside, the whole building looked so sturdy. However, once inside, I finally understood what an artificial magic world it was. The walls were made of bubbles. The swimming pool imitated a natural ecological environment. It was surrounded by green lawn. It looked stunning. More interesting was the water park. There were all kinds of equipment. Sliding boards with running water, pools with moving tide... It was a pity that the ticket was so expensive that we did not go to play. It did not matter, because I witnessed the Water Cube with my own eyes.

People were bustling and rustling in Tian'anmen Square and the Olympic Village. I noticed that there were ice cream packages everywhere which stained the beauty of the places. It seemed that tourists should pay more attention to environmental protection.



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