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我的北京之行 My Trip to Beijing——Jin Xinyao

wh  10-11-21 23:11


Beijing, the capital city of China as well as the 2008 Olympic Games host city, was the place I was longing for a visit. When my mother told me that she would take me to Beijing, I was so excited that I could not fall asleep. The few days in Beijing have left me beautiful memories that I would never forget.

On 11 July 2008, we were finally on the way to Beijing. After I got off the train, we first checked our luggage in a hotel and then we went directly to the Tian'anmeng Square. Tian'anmeng Square was so magnificent. Since the Olympic Games would be soon held in Beijing, the security check was particularly strict. However, there were plenty of people on the square. Many mobile food stalls were scattered on the square. It was really thoughtful! I saw the countdown board. Great! It was only 27 days before the Olympics. It was coming nearer and nearer. I also saw the Monument to People's Heroes. My mother told me that the monument was built in honor of the heroes who had sacrificed their lives for the peace of our motherland.

Then we visited "The Bird Nest" and "The Water Cube". The opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics and the swimming competitions would be held in these two stadiums respectively. I had read a lot about them in the newspaper. Now I was finally able to see those grand buildings with my own eyes. I was so thrilled. Applauses for the workers who built them! The Water Cube was very special. It was said that its four sides could be shown in different colors. It was a pity that the stadiums had not yet open to the public, and thus we could only have a look at them through the fences.

The Great Wall was another place you could not miss if you came to Beijing. Today, I finally climbed on it. It rained heavily, but the rain could not stop me. I saw many beacon towers. My mother told me that those towers were used to send signals in the ancient times. I stood on the Great Wall and felt as if I were in a fairy land. The mountains around the Great Wall looked much more elegant after the rain.

On the last day, we went to the biggest royal palace—Summer Palace. There was a long corridor in it. The roof of the corridor was painted with colorful patterns. So exquisite! Kunming Lake was on one of its sides. At sunset, it looked so serene and tranquil.

The five-day trip to Beijing was soon over. I was so reluctant to leave. Every time when I think of Beijing, I still feel excited. I think, if I have another chance, I will go to Beijing to enjoy the beautiful scenes again.


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