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我的家乡 My Hometown—— Zhang Jiarui

wh  10-11-22 00:05






My hometown is located in the outskirts of Tianjin, it has vast fertile farmland.
In the spring, peasants plant seeds in the field. Some grow corn, some grow peanuts, some grow string beans, some grow sorghum, and some grow chives. Others make bamboo trellises for planting cucumbers.
In the summer, when it's very hot, the farmers irrigate the fields. Their skin burns brown and drops of sweat roll down their faces. From far away, they look like Africans.
In the autumn, big, yellow corn cobs sprout up, one after another. They look like big, yellow teeth. The peanuts shoot out of the earth, with ten mature pods on one plant and sixteen on the next. The beans are flat and curved in their pods, like little moons. The sorghum glows red like a bunch of burning torches.
In the winter, the fields are withered. After a snow, the field appears as if covered by a white quilt. It's cool and soft to lie on.


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