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打高尔夫球 Playing Golf ——李延泽

wh  11-02-18 11:07

        今天下午,舅舅带着我和哥哥去经济开发区的田野高尔夫球场打了球。 This afternoon, my Uncle took my brother and me to play golf in the Tianye golf course in the Economic Development Zone.


The service personal gave us each a steel golf club. As there was no grassland left, we were arranged to play with sturdier clubs on a stone ground. 


I played the first round with my brother and won. When the second round began, I stood in correct posture, addressed, swang the club and shot. “Good shot! One hundred meters. Not bad, Xiangxiang!” Uncle called out. At this time, my brother came up with an aggressive manner. The ball flew out with a clang. “Ninety-five meters, just a little bit shorter,” Uncle said to Brother, feeling sorry for him.


“I won! I won!” I exclaimed excitedly.


Wearing a depressed face, Brother murmured, “Lost once again. I have lost twice. What a shame!”


I encouraged him like a teacher, “Don’t lose heart, Brother. You can do it!”


We went on playing for some time, and my brother beat me in the succeeding rounds.


Later, the coach showed us how to play the toppest spin “Mu Sha Ya”. He took out a club with a very big head, stood, swang and shot. After a big sound, the ball flew over 200 meters. While we were still feeling amazed, the coach said, “I have practised this for eight years.”       


I have learned a lot from this experience. Not only I learned how to play golf, but also understood the true meaning of the saying—Failure is the mother of success”.

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