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开心的一天 A Joyful Day——李延泽

cindy  11-05-25 14:36

On the morning of the third day of the lunar New Year, Mom said to me, "Xiangxiang, we'll go to visit your Grandma's brother in Pingyuan with your elder brother and younger sister." At these words, I cried out in my heart, "Great!"


After about ten minutes, Uncle came to pick us and soon we were on our way to Pingyuan. After an hour's drive, we arrived. As soon as we put down our packages, we rushed out to the field and played happily.


At a little past five in the afternoon, we were back at Dezhou and came to the Grandma's house. Brother Naonao gave me an electric plane as a New Year gift. It was a bright-colored small gadget, which could fly at a high speed. There were two buttons on the remote controller, one was to make the plane fly up and down and the other was to make it circle in the air. Brother asked me to fly the the plane slowly when it took off, in case it would hit against the roof. I was so fond of the plane and able to control it easily in a few minutes.


After supper, Uncle took us downstairs to set off fireworks. He first took one firework out, put it in a used paper barrel left by others, pulled out the fuse and carefully lit it. In a slip second, a big light ball flew out of the barrel and exploded in the air. Then it changed into numerous small light balls scattered highly in the sky, forming a great number of brilliant shooting stars. How beautiful it was! Bother also took out a big package of firecrackers and lit it. Followed were spattering cracking sparks. The whole package of firecrackers was lit by some sparks because it was too close to the firework we had just set off and thus it gave forth a louder noise. We found the bench holding the package was all burnt black after the sound died away. How close!

        今天,我度过了愉快的一天,希望明年的春节也能这么精彩! I had a very pleasant day today, and I hope the Spring Festival next year will be as fun as this one.

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