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一次令人激动的拔河比赛 An Exciting Competition of Tug-of-war——李延泽

cindy  11-06-15 10:44


During the third class in the afternoon, our teacher brought us to the playground and said, "Boys and girls, we are going to have a competition of Tug-of-war this afternoon. I hope that you can work together and win this game". After hearing these words, we all rolled up our sleeves for the battle.


The competition soon began. The sound of hurrah and stamping could be heard all over the playground. The atmosphere was heated. After a while, it was our turn. The 15 selected classmates walked into the competition ground in a queue. They posted well. Their bodies leaned back. Their legs arched and they propped their feet against each others'. One was on the left side and the next one stood on the right side. They were all eager to fight. At the sound of the whistle, their hands grasped the rope tightly, and all of them spared no efforts. We could see their vessels on hands and muscles are popping out. They sweated and their faces turned red. At the sight, the cheer squad shouted even louder, "Come on!" The red scarf in the middle of the rope moved closer and closer to us and even was about to come to our place. However, the players from the opposite were not willing to give up. They worked so hard that their cheeks plumped up. They were like warriors. At the beginning, we were sure that we were going to win. We all felt so relaxed. We did not expect that their class suddenly pulled the rope with such an effort to their side. We felt so worried and shouted, "Come on. Work together!" Our players re-stabilized their bodies and pulled the rope with all their strength left. However, they still could not make it.


The competition was over. Class 43 enjoyed the victory and our players all walked back to the classroom with unhappy faces.


We lost the game, but we still had the spirit of never giving up. We should carry this spirit into our study, and work hard to become the winners in our study.

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