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干擦 Wiping Dry——豆豆

cindy  11-06-22 14:24


Parents love their children. But sometimes they will make some mistakes when they care about  us. When I was eight years old, in one evening, after I have finished my last homework of the day, it was nine o'clock. I was sleepy so I was going to go to bed. I was ready to go to sleep after I have brushed my teeth, when Mum shouted at me, "Why don't you wash your feet? How dirty they are! Go and wash them!" "O.K." I replied.


Pouring hot water into a basin, Mum passed me a large towel, hurrying me to wash my feet. She said, "Wipe your feet dryly." Then she went away. At that time I didn't know what "wipe dryly" meant. I thought that wiping dryly meant to put the towel into the water and made it wet, while I didn't need to make my feet wet. Then I would use the wet towel to wipe my feet dryly. I put the towel into the water, but I couldn't twist it into a dry one. So I called Mum. When she saw what had happened, she was very angry. She said, "How stupid you are! Can't you understand Chinese? Are you out of your mind or something?" Then she shut the door and left me. I felt I was so wrong. Isn't it wiping dryly? What's wrong with it? After thinking for a moment I worked it out. Wiping dryly had three meanings. First, wipe my feet dryly without making both my feet and the towel wet. Second, make the towel wet only and keep my feet dry, and then wipe my feet dryly with the wet towel. Third, make my feet wet and keep the towel dry, and then wipe my wet feet dryly with the dry towel. So I called Mum and explained to her. Mum then understood what I meant. She knew that it was she who did not make it clear. So she forgave me.


Though parents love us, they sometimes make mistakes. It is not always the children who do wrong. Parents do as well. Mum should make her words clear so that I will not misunderstand her. If I didn't hear or haven't heard clearly, it's my fault. Otherwise, they ought not to scold us.


After all, nobody wants to be blamed. Am I right, Mum?


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