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The place where I was born

editor  13-11-14 16:20

Language:中文 pin yin English

Budai, a small village full of human kindness, is located at the harbor of Jiayi. People there make their living from fishing. Although they are not rich, they live carefree lives. The only worry is the arrival of a typhoon. On the day of a typhoon, it floods. Therefore, people long ago prepared themselves against it using a secret “double deck”. 
Our village is not a prosperous business city, nor a place of great interest. But the thing it has most is human kindness and warmth. The second thing it has most is mullet roe, also called “black gold”. Whenever relatives and friends come from far away to visit, people must treat them to delicious mullet roe and a cup of good tea. 
In earlier times, most houses were made of wood. Some high-ranking people’s houses were made of bricks and cement. With the development of technology, people began to build dikes along the coast. With the increase in number of tall buildings, people in the prime of their lives leave this hometown full of kindness to make money in the downtown area. The lively scenes in the village have gradually disappeared. 


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