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How to care about others?

editor  13-11-14 16:34

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What is “caring about others”? It is consoling them when they are sad and making them feel better. 
Sometimes, people may feel like they are falling into a dark valley, and your concern may feel like a beautiful melody to them, floating in their hearts. A beautiful melody and rhythm become a wonderful waltz, and your care gives them the greatest encouragement and inspiration. 
How do we properly care for others? It is of great importance to care for them in an appropriate way. If the way you show your concern is improper, it may be hurtful to them. Sometimes, they may dislike you for your nosiness. You have achieved the opposite of your desired effect and poured more oil on the fire! 
      而关心别人的目的是什么呢?关心,是为了让别人从不愉快变成愉快、从悲伤到快乐,让他人心中觉得比刚刚的悲哀、痛苦来得好些、舒服一些,或跟你说:“谢谢你,我好多了” !这时自己就已经完成目的了。
What is the aim of caring for others? It is turning their unhappiness into happiness, their sadness into cheer that makes them feel better and more comfortable and say, “Thank you, I’m much better now!” At this moment, you will have achieved your goal. 
Caring for others is an easy thing to. Caring for others makes people happy and fills the world with warmth.


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