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The journey home

editor  13-12-06 16:05

Language:中文 pin yin English

I spent a year as a passerby in another place and had to leave in the end. The train was heading to my hometown at one time, but I am at a bit of a loss and a gloomy feeling spreads in my heart. 
When the bell rings, the train doors close in an orderly manner. This is an underground train whose destination is the place I came from. The train steers towards the place called home, but I know nothing about it. Everything has changed and I am very clear that the place that seems like my hometown is no longer the same place.
I think this may be homesickness. 
I had a similar feeling when I left my hometown and came to this place. But at that time, the conflicts at home diluted my nostalgia. Now, I have left this place where I stayed for one year and am returning to my hometown. This nostalgia which I should not feel is becoming clearer.
Some people say that to leave home is to seek a dream and continuously travel far away to seek a dream you cannot get hold of. At the end, even when you return home, you are not back at your hometown any more. 


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Edit on13-12-06 16:05