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Girl - Woman

editor  14-03-14 16:17

Language:中文 pin yin English

My daughter had a fever. At night, I tiptoed through the kitchen to get the pills to give to my daughter, in turn trying not to wake my parents-in-law who were sleeping sound. My husband stared at me. I asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you staring at me and not sleeping?” Then he said something that I did not know how to respond to, “You have changed from the girl I once knew to the woman who now takes care of this family.” Yes! I have changed from an arrogant young girl into a housekeeper!
In all actuality, it is a slow process to change from a girl into a woman. This is not a process that begins after nine months and ten days, or that I will be considered a mother until my child grows up. It is truly an amazing journey. When the little baby was in my belly, I felt her vitality in my body. I sometimes talked to her, sometimes touched my belly and she would kick with the sole of her feet. My life is no longer simply my own. The person this once young girl needs to take care of is not only the one sleeping on her own pillow, but also the little one unseen in her belly. That girl is no longer the little kid that needs to rely on her parents, and a motherly love inside her own body has gradually emerged. 


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