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editor  14-04-25 15:20

Language:中文 pin yin English

“Click,” mother quietly closed the door.
The small room turned dark. On the top roof, however, the material is made of a thick glass. In good weather, it is like an open yard, spilling out in every direction, like a divine light interpreting the clouds. 
I sat around a small square table in the house looking forward. There is a cement court with a water faucet outside the small threshold. There are two large vats and a number of plastic basins full of water. Mother is washing clothes here, washing vegetables, and bathing the children. 
The sunlight in the summer is strong but I feel cold in this dark brick room. The strong sunlight penetrates the thick glass of the roof in a soft and beautiful way. It seems like a golden chiffon curtaining from the sky. I foolishly gazed at this and believed I was looking at the appearance of a god, a light projecting through the dark clouds. I felt god’s tender face looking down and smiling at me through the light. 
This glimmer is the permanent golden stigma in my heart.


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