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The memory of old saxophone

editor  14-05-06 16:12

Language:中文 pin yin English

I still remembered the day I left home to move to Taipei to attend university. I sat on the train and listened to my walkman and was in a daze amongst the scenery outside the window. Suddenly I heard of the sound of music through my earphones that evoked many memories that I missed. The memories lost in the depth of my mind were stirred up. 
In my childhood time, I often saw my father hold his saxophone, gradually wiping its surface. At that time, it seemed large, almost the same height as me. Its bright golden appearance made it that I couldn’t even open my eyes to look at it. As my family situation was not good, father almost every evening took his saxophone to the restaurant or a similar place to play with other musicians in order to earn extra money because his daily salary was not too high. I liked to join in the fun always and go with father, sitting with him, watching the lively performance, and enjoying his musical chops. 
Father never said sweet words, but accompanied us and spent time with us while using his saxophone to compose music. I expect to compose the most touching chapter with my future achievements and dedicate it to father and tell him, “Dad, I love you!”


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