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The little mouse and me

editor  14-07-16 14:46

Language:中文 pin yin English

On Saturday night, dad said he decided to send me a gift for starting primary school. With excitement and confusion, I went to my favorite pet shop and at first glance saw a little mouse staring at me. 
Her big eyes were watery, extremely cute. There was another little mouse that looked like her brother. I remembered mom’s words to me that all animals also have brothers and sisters, and if you really want to raise a pet, you should pick another one as her companion. I turned to ask for dad’s opinion and he agreed with me. I then picked this little mouse with the big and bright eyes to be her companion. At the same time, dad had already chosen a beautiful mouse cage and fodder, and was smilingly and waiting for me at the front counter. I prepared the saw dust, put the mice inside the cage, and carefully carried the cage out to the car. 
When I got home, I found a suitable place to put the cage and smiled endlessly when seeing the mice gaze around their new surroundings. When I was eating supper at around 6:00 PM, I suddenly remembered that the little mice had not eaten yet. I took the fodder and ran to feed the two starving mice and said to them, “I’m sorry that I forgot you and it will never happen again.” It seemed that they actually understood me and stopped gnawing the flower seeds and nodded to me. I smiled with happiness.


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