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路 Road——《Touch My Heart 》

wh  10-11-14 22:36



"The real test is not the first mile of the journey, but the last part." Road is like an invisible magician. He will present beautiful rainbow on the journey from time to time, showing pleasant sceneries in front of your eyes. He might give your direction when you lost your way. However, road can be a naughty child as well. He can also make you dizzy in a terrible maze.

"Road" is a changeable two faced person with the devilish and creepy smile. He places one barrier after another on the journey and shouts at us, "Give up!" But sometimes, he smiles and carries a flag to give your direction and cheers you up. "Road is walked by people." When difficulties pour over you like rain drops, you need to look for sunshine with your umbrella in hand, because it is a test in your life. As long as we have the persistent spirit like grass, we will be tough and insistent and stride on the road ahead of us.

That year, out of her sympathy for the poor, Master Zhengyan decided to build a hospital on the mountain. To build this hospital needed a great amount of money, but she was not scared by the difficulties and barriers. On her journey, there were no rainbow and no guidance but more and more difficulties and problems. However, with the spirit of grass, she gradually walked onto the sunny road. Now, she successful built the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, which is the most beautiful flower of her dream.

"Road" set us one barrier after another to test our patience. If we cannot stick to our dream and give up halfway, we will be laughed at by the "road". Only if we persists in our dreams can we become the heroes on the road of life.


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