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A discussion on studying patterns during ancient times

editor  14-09-15 17:28

Language:中文 pin yin English

      一个万籁俱寂的夜晚,吴此仁无精打采的写着功课, 一边想着学校老师交代的功课,一边打着瞌睡,努力和这些顽强的文字奋斗着。他眼前的视线逐渐模糊了,他回头,看见一位白发、面色红润的老人,老人说:“我来给你说个故事。”吴此仁便在梦中的草地上,在野花、小草的陪伴下,聆听着故事。
In the silent night, Wu Ciren was studying in a relaxed manner. He was thinking about the works taught by his teacher while dozing off and struggling with the words. His eyesight became blurred. When he turned back, he saw an old man with gray hair and red cheeks looking at him. The old man spoke to him and said, ”let me tell you a story.”  Wu then listened to the story in the meadow of wild flowers and grassy plains of his dreams.
A student named Mei You was reading the poems in the book he nonchalantly held in his hands. He was not concentrating on the works at all. He walked into his academy and heard a voice, “one should study hard and make great progress.” “What was that?” Mei retorted loudly and continued, “I study in accordance with the lessons of the academy and learn slowly. Although I skipped some things that I do not understand, I have still been successful in my studies, right?” At that time, that voice said, “it depends on you if you succeed or not.”
      老人起身背对着吴此仁离开,吴此仁瞪大双眼,心想:“他是在鼓励我打起精神来吗?” 吴此仁爬起来往前追去,却跌到一个小池子中,他奋力爬起,却发现自己好端端的坐在书桌前。
Then the old man stood up and left. Wu widened his eyes and thought to himself, “is he encouraging me to cheer up?” Wu climbed up and chased after the man but fell off down in a puddle of water. He struggled to get up only to find he was sitting in front of his desk. 


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