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Bei Piao

editor  14-03-14 16:19

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“Bei Piao” refers to people living in Beijing who are not original Beijingers. They do not have their addresses permanently registered in Beijing, nor do they own their own houses, but they work and live in Beijing. Their education background varies from primary school to Master’s graduates, and even PhD graduates. Some of them come to Beijing having already found a job, while others come searching for work opportunities. Most of these people are young and dream of working in the Chinese capital. 
As these people do not have a permanent foundation in Beijing, their lives are usually very hard upon arriving in Beijing. Many times a few people will rent a cheap house together and eat the cheapest or simplest of food. They leave home early and get back late in the evening, no time for relaxation or recreation. It is only by putting faith in their hope for a better future that these difficulties can be ignored.
In fact, many times if they stayed in their hometown they would have an easy and comfortable life. Instead, they think they will have more opportunities to work and become successful in Beijing. Therefore, they abandon their relaxing life and venture off to find work in Beijing. This type of thought process, since ancient times, has been preserved by many in their studies, and in spite of the difficulties associated with ten years of studying and hard work still come to Beijing to take the imperial examination and try to secure an official position. In their mind, they believe that they can return home after gaining fame or money after studying hard. The Bei Piao in modern times is the extension of their ancient brethren. 
Through hard work, many successful Bei Piao young people have realized their dreams. In Beijing, there are more obscure Bei Piao who are still trying to realize their dreams step by step. 


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