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Treat the old with filial respect has been stipulated into legislation

editor  14-03-19 17:08

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On July 1, 2013, the newly stipulated Laws of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Elderly People went into effect. It stipulates that grown-up children should often visit or extend greetings to their parents, and if they don’t they could very well be sued by their parents. In addition, society should also provide favorable services to elderly people, such as public transportation, museum and gymnasium admissions, etc., and medical institutions should provide services to elderly people in need. 
To respect one’s elders in Chinese culture is a traditional virtue. In ancient times, there was a saying that “of all the virtues, filial piety is most important,” which is showing support, dedication, and supreme filial obedience to one’s parents. Many emperors in ancient China ruled by the concept of filial piety. Among the people, emperors stressed that children should not disobey their parents’ will. While one’s parents are still alive, children should accompany them and take charge of the cost of parents’ food and clothing. 
In recent years, many young people leave home to earn money and in turn have less time to spend at home with one’s parents. Sometimes, due to being busy with work, they neglect to show loving care for their parents, thus affecting the happy twilight years of one’s elderly parents in a negative manner. This legislation calls for people to pay attention to the feelings of their parents. It is a strong starting point. It is rather simple for society to provide benefits to the elderly, but it is unrealistic to regulate grown children having to go home to visit their parents. This is an unattainable standard, as some young people are not unfilial, but just too busy with work to spend as much time with their parents as they would like. Society as a whole needs to coordinate care for and showing respect to the elderly.



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