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The amazing world of martial arts

editor  14-04-18 16:08

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Martial arts is a type of very special culture in China. It originates from fictional works of martial arts and appeared as early as the pre-Qin period. The culture of martial arts has accumulated gradually over thousands of years, and combines the concepts of Confucianism, Taoism, and Zen. The culture of martial arts belongs to the stratum of civilians, emphasizing patriotism, peace, and friendliness. Despite the fact that martial arts practitioners were proud of learning martial arts, the real martial arts spirit requires respect of others and helping the weak. It can be said that the culture of martial arts is the standard of morality for Chinese people. 
Over the past several decades, many martial arts fictional works have been adapted as movies and TV dramas and have spread even so far as the overseas market, and in the process creating numerous fans who are now obsessed with Chinese martial arts. These movies and TV dramas usually have handsome heroes and beautiful heroines. With fantastic kongfu and emotional love-hate relationships, the adaptations are loved by audiences. Someone once said that martial arts is a fairy tale for adults. Men especially love martial art stories, most likely because the extraordinary kong fu is dazzling and the spirit of potential justice is what all men long for. In addition, what is better than wandering the world while being accompanied by a beautiful woman. 


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