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Lucky beads

editor  14-04-23 17:08

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In summer, many young ladies, small girls, and babies will wear a type of bracelet usually consisting of red strings with different color beads. This is not a simple accessory, but one’s lucky beads. 
Lucky beads are usually golden and either round or oval small beads. A hole is put in the middle of the bead to allow the red strings to hold them in place, and the beads can be carved into some patterns as well. Lucky beads can be made into rings or bracelets with the implied meaning of prosperity and good luck. 
Usually, people prefer to choose lucky yellow beads with red strings. The yellow color matched with the happy red strings gives people an impression of happiness and prosperity. In addition, the number in each bunch of lucky beads is also of particular importance. One bead represents “wishing you every success” and two beads means “good things happen in pairs, ”etc. People can choose beads based on their own wishes. Today, along with the popularity of lucky beads, some people use other types of materials to replace gold and silver, such as jade, crystal, and sandalwood, etc., all of which also hold the meaning of good luck.


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