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A new word of cross talk

editor  14-05-09 17:12

Language:中文 pin yin English

Cross talk is a folk art with hundreds of years of history and results in audiences laughing at jokes or funny questions and answers. It satirizes social phenomena and complements the positive things reflected in life. Cross talk can make people laugh and it is clear and easy to understand. In the era without televisions, movies, and internet, it was a way of entertainment that common people liked very much, and resulted in a multitude of cross-talk masters, such as Hou Baolin, and a series of famous cross talks. Later, with the rapid development of the film and TV industry and internet, cross talks have gradually faded out. 
In recent years, some new cross talk actors have begun to appear. Some are young people born in the 1980s or 1990s, and there are some famous female cross talk actresses. They are innovative, and not restricted to any form of acting or content as stipulated by the older generation of cross-talk masters. When performing cross talks, they not only talk, but also add some body actions, like dancing. They choose stylish internet terms, keeping up with times and the focus of people, thus attracting many young people. The Deyun Society set up by Guo Degang is an example of what started as a little theater in Tian Qiao. It has branch offices at home and abroad with thousands of fans. It successfully combines traditional art and modern society, and represents the new life of the cross talk format. 


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