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University students wanting to become village officers

editor  14-09-09 16:42

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In today's society more and more university graduates are settling in villages and becoming village officers.  
In 1990s, Jiangsu Province was the first to invite college graduates to become village grassroots cadres and launched a project for graduate officers in the villages of the province. And after that, other provinces followed this example. In 2008, China fully launched the process for recruiting college officers for villages, and now there are about 200,000 college graduates working in villages.
Is it waste of talent to let college graduates work in villages? The nation has put much responsibility on these officers. In Chinese villages, feudal ideas which represent thousands of years of tradition are deep-rooted. The concept of patriarchy and human relations is contradicted by the democratic and legislative concepts found in modern society. College students who have received a quality education and understand these concepts can gradually help to change that the opinions of villagers. In addition, the development of science and technology needs more talented people who are cultivated and possess technology to lead the development of Chinese villages. This also helps to solve the current employment pressure that college students face while at the same time providing a way for the advancement of China's villages. 
      为了鼓励更多的人在农村发挥自己的特长,政府也对大学生村官实行一些优惠政策,比如大学生在农村创业有优惠, 合同到期后考公务员或者再找工作都尽量照顾等,让他们在农村工作的时候,少一些后顾之忧。
In order to encourage more people to bring their talents into full play, the government has also implemented a number of favorable policies for college officers who take up posts in villages. For example, college students are given preferential policies if they start an enterprise in the villages or if they take the civil service exam in that village or find other jobs after their original contract expires, which in turn helps to keep the college officers in the villages long-term. 


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