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入关检查Going Through The Customs

estella  11-11-18 11:00

Language:中文 pin yin English

学习主题 Subject
When the travelers go into and out of a country, their passports and visas are checked by the customs. One must hold a valid visa to enter the country. Travelers are supposed to fill out the forms of entry on the plane. The form includes the name, the date and the reason of entry. It is in both Chinese and English. You do not need to worry about the trouble caused by the language.
重点词 Key Words
护照hùzhào passport
(做)生意(zuò)shēngyi (do) business
海关hǎiguān customs
入境rùjìng enter the customs
手续shǒuxù procedures; formalities
会话示例 Dialogue
1两个乘客刚下飞机,正在交谈。Ⅰ(There are two passengers just getting off the plane, and they are talking.)
旅客甲: 你来中国做什么?
Nǐ lái Zhōngguó zuò shénme?
Passenger A: What purpose do you come to China?
旅客乙: 我来学汉语。你呢?
Wǒ lái xué Hànyǔ. Nǐ ne?
Passenger B: I come to learn Chinese. How about you?
旅客甲: 我来中国做生意。
Wǒ lái Zhōngguó zuò shēngyi.
Passenger A: I come to China to do business.
旅客甲: 办海关入境手续的时候,他们要看你的机票和护照。
Bàn hǎiguān rùjìng shǒuxù de shíhou, tāmen yào kàn nǐ de jīpiào hé hùzhào.
Passenger A: When you enter the immigration and customs, they will ask to see your airline ticket and passport.
旅客乙: 没问题。这是我的机票和护照。
Méi wèntí. Zhè shì wǒ de jīpiào hé hùzhào.
Passenger B: No problem. Here are my airline ticket and passport.


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