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取行李 Claim Luggage

estella  11-11-24 10:26

Language:中文 pin yin English

学习主题 Subject
Luggage carts are free for use when you claim your luggage. After the use you can put it at the gate and certain staff will
collect it. If your luggage is lost by any chance, the airlines will make up the loss according to the weight of your luggage.
In that case you must not put anything of great value in the luggage.
重点词 Key Words
航班 hángbān airline flight; scheduled flight
行李 xíngli luggage; baggage
行李车 xíngli chē baggage cart
行李带 xíngli dài baggage belt
取 qǔ take; get; fetch
会话示例 Dialogue
1一位乘客想知道怎么样才能找到他的行李Ⅰ(A passenger in this example wants to know where he can claim his luggage.)
旅客: 请问,CA978航班在哪儿取行李?
Qǐngwèn, CA jiǔ qī bā hángbān zài nǎr qǔ xíngli?
Passenger: Excuse me, where can I get the baggage of flight CA978?
Zài shíyī hào xíngli dài shang.
Clerk A: At the baggage belt No.11.
2一个乘客需要行李车Ⅱ(In the following a passenger needs a baggage cart.)
旅客: 请问,这儿有行李车吗?
Qǐngwèn, zhèr yǒu xíngli chē ma?
Passenger: Excuse me, is there any baggage cart around here?
Yǒu, zài nàr.
Clerk B: Yes, they are over there.


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