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辽宁 Liaoning

wh  10-09-16 10:31





    辽宁省是中国文物大省之一,现有文物古迹1.13万处,其中国家级重点文物保护单位19处,省级重点文物保护单位159 处。国家级风景名胜区 7处,省级风景名胜区7处。 近年来,辽宁推出了丰富多彩的文化旅游活动,如蒸气机车旅游、康复疗养旅游、仿古旅游和商务旅游等。各地举办的民间节庆活动也备受国内外游客青睐,最著名的有大连国际服装节等。


Liaoning Province, situated in the south of northeast China, lies at 181°53' to 125°46' east longitude, and 38°43' to 43°26' north latitude. Liaoning is in a temperate zone and adjoins Jilin and Hebei provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and is bordered along the Yalu River by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
Liaoning has over 11,300 cultural remains, including 19 national-level key protection units and 159 provincial-level key protection units. There are 7 state-class natural reserves and 7 provincial-class natural reserves.
Some of the folk festivals attract the attention of both domestic and foreign visitors such as the Dalian Costume Festival.





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