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神秘的湖畔部落——《新疆行》之一 The Mysterious Lakeside Tribe---Travel to Xinjiang Ⅰ

estella  12-03-20 13:40

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Entering through the depth of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, crossing the vast Gobi Desert ---- the Gurbantünggüt Desert and following the Silk Roadtraverse the Altai Mountains, known as the “Mountains of Gold”, , we arrive at the northwest border of China in the south of Siberia. This is where the famous Kanas Lake is located.
Kanas is a transliteration of a Mongolian word meaning, “the lake in the valley”, or according to another explanation, “beautiful and mysterious”. The Ertix River, the only river in China which flows northward into the Arctic Ocean, originates in the Kanas Lake. It is a wide gently flowing reach which winds its way through the valley embraced by the snowcapped Altai Mountains forming a picturesque landscape. Melting ice from the mountains gathers together creating a torrent, which surges through the mountain cliffs and empties into the ever renewing Kanas Lake. It is a dynamic lake, whose water continually drawn by the flow of the Bu’erjin River    converges into the Ertix River, running tirelessly to the faraway Artic Ocean in an unyielding majestic way.
 Seen from the map, northwest of the Kanas Lake is Kazakhstan, to the northeast is Mongolia, and due north on the other side of Mount Friendship, the highest peak in the Altai Mountains, is Russia. The following photo was taken on the border; beyond the border marker on the other side of the river lies the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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