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宁夏回族自治区 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

wh  10-09-28 16:09



        宁夏是回族的主要聚居区域,全区人口567万,其中回族占三分之一以上。 宁夏是丝绸之路北线的重要组成部分,历史上曾是东西部交通贸易的重要通道。悠久的历史,给宁夏留下了较多的名胜古迹。名胜古迹主要有银川海宝塔、西夏王陵、中卫高庙、青铜峡一百零八塔,须弥山石窟、同心清真寺等。宁夏最有名的地方特产,首推枸杞、甘草、贺兰石、滩羊二毛皮、发菜五种,因颜色分别是红、黄、蓝、白、黑,所以又称“五宝”。


The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which is called Ning for short, is located in northwest China, on the upper reaches of the Yellow River. It borders Shaanxi Province in the east, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north, and Gansu Province in the south. It is 66,000 square kilometers in area, with a population of 5.67 million. It is the main inhabiting region of the people in Hui Clan. T he region was once a part of the Silk Road that connected China with central Asia and Europe.

Ningxia is rich in resources of tourism. So far, about 20 interesting places for tourism have been opened to public. They are mainly the Western Xia Mausoleum in Yinchuan City, Haibao pagoda, ChengtianTemple Pagoda, Nanguan Mosque and Zhenbeibao Western China Cinema City; Najiahu Mosque in Yongning County, the West Lake in Helan County, the rock carvings in Mt.Helanshan, the Shahu Lake in Pingluo County, the Shikongsi Temple rock carvings in Zhongning County, the Remains of Shuidonggou in Lingwu City, the Ming Great Wall, the Hengcheng Jinshui (Yellow River) tourism area, Gaomiao Temple Shapotou in Zhongwei County, the 108 pagodas in Qingtongxia City, the Mosque in Tongxin County, grottoes in Mt.Sumeru in Guyuan County, Guyuan Museum; Jingheyuan tourism area in Jingyuan County and the Danxia landforms at Huoshizai in Xiji County. Special tours include riding a camel through Tengger Desert, and Yellow River tour by riding a sheepskin raft.



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