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雪山历险 Adventure in a Snowcapped Mountain

wh  10-09-29 16:00

Balang Mountain is located at the junction of Xiaojin County, Wenchuan County and Baoxing County. We had planed to go directly to the Mountain Siguniang, but were amazed by the magnificent landscape of snow scene half way in Balang Mountain, and decided to stop for a while to enjoy the delightful landscape there.

In Tibetan, Balang Mountain is translated as “A’Balangyi”, which means "sacred willow mountain". In local folk tales, “A’Balangyi” is a father of four daughters.

We walked up along Wolonggou and crossed a long and narrow valley where plants were flourishing and competing with each other for beauty and glamour. Along the road meandering up the mountain, there were alpine meadows dotted with wild flowers of different colors, where flocks and herds were grazing and walking in contentment. I was shocked when I looked up into the sky and suddenly found several yaks standing haughtily on the steep cliffs above. I couldn’t help thinking that animals with four legs could stand more steadily than we human beings with only two legs.

However, in addition to appreciating the beautiful scenery, we had to keep an eye on the road from time to time, because we were on the most dangerous path in Ngawa prefecture. Rocks could come rolling down at any time, bringing along more hazards to us apart from the rugged mountain path. Anyway, beauty also came along with danger. After we had made our way to a narrow pass 4.523 kilometers above sea level with great difficulty, we all got off the car and experienced the unique view of the zigzag mountain paths between different ridges on the plateau.


As we returned, we found ourselves wrapped in a sea of clouds, which, with a thickness of nearly 2 kilometers, was regarded as one of the extraordinary spectacles of Balang Mountain. The mountain peaks were shrouded in swirling mist and clouds, whose ebb and flow constituted a fantastic beauty.

Entering into the sea of clouds, we were enveloped in a dense fog with our view obscured – there was no direction to be found. With the headlights of the car we could barely see things 7 or 8 meters away. One could imagine how much courage was required to make our way forward in such dreadful conditions. We were scared to death when two big yaks sprang out all of a sudden and started to dart towards the car, but the driver couldn’t hoot his horn for fear that the yaks might be frightened. And he couldn’t drive too fast either, since it would be really dangerous to overtake these two animals in such a narrow path. We were forced to slow down and didn’t drive on until no hoof beats were heard.



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