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雪中登黄山 Climb Mount Huang on a Snowy Day

wh  10-10-08 16:15

My long cherished dream to visit Mount Huang has finally come true. I had hesitated somewhat to make a winter visit there at the beginning. Normally, people wouldn't choose to travel on cold winter days, for they always feel some inconvenience in transportation. However, winter is the best time to experience the beauty of the mountain as evidenced by the saying that "黄山四季皆美景,唯有腊冬景更佳" (Mount Huang has the fine view all year round, but the most splendid one only appears in winter).

We looking up from the foot of the mountain, the top-most part we could see was the waist of the towering peak. Sitting in the ascending cable car, we could have a panoramic view of the picturesque scenery. Among the variously shaped mountain rocks grew miraculously the grotesque but sturdy pine trees joining each other like a flying dragon.

It was said that this was the season when thunder and lightening would strike the Heavenly Capital Peak. So it was not open to visitors for the sake of their safety. Thus we had to march toward the Lotus Peak.

The snow-covered landscape of Mount Huang was unique in that it perfectly combines the scenes of snow, pine trees and rocks. The white snow thickly piled on the mountain, trees and stone steps flew with the wind, as if it was dancing. This was a tranquil silver world, simple but elegant. The snow on the ground became thicker with the increase of height. Luckily, we had followed the guide's advice and had walking sticks with us. The narrower the path became, the more snow there was, and the more tired we would be. Though the summit seemed to be in front of us, we couldn't reach it after a long trudge. The path suddenly became upright, and trails of footprints of the previous visitors could only be seen on the steep edge. With no way backward, and the slippery and steep path ahead, the only thing we could do was force ourselves to continue climbing with our both hands and feet. It was a real tough process before we finally arrived at the summit.



The Lotus Peak, 1,864 meters above sea level, is the highest peak of Mount Huang, and it is also the most magnificent one. A poem once gave high praise for the peak, which goes like this:" 一种青莲吐绛霞,亭亭玉立净无瑕。遥看天际浮云卷,露出峰顶十丈花" (Red colored clouds are spat out from a green lotus, which looks so tall and pure. The floating clouds in the distant sky roll and unfold, revealing the ten zhang high flower standing on the top). Surrounding the peak are big iron chains with various locks hung on them. There are " love locks", "locks of family happiness" and "locks of longevity". I joined in the fun and hung a "lock of family happiness" onto the chain, praying for the peace and happiness of my family.




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