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台湾 Taiwan

wh  10-10-10 22:53




Taiwan is a beautiful island that is located almost at a distance of 120 km off the south eastern coastal region of the country of China. The area of Taiwan is about 36,179 square km and the shape of Taiwan looks like a sweet potato when it is looked at a south to north direction. The island of Taiwan is located in the Western Pacific between Japan and the Philippines off the southeast coast of China, from which it is separated by the Taiwan Strait. The width of the strait is less than 200 kilometers and the narrowest part is only 130 kilometer; it traverses the sea trough of Okinawa in the northeast and neighbours Ryukyu-gunto. It holds a strategic point of communication on the north-south sea of China and the communications hub of West Pacific shipping line, and constitutes the natural barrier of China's south-east sea waters and the communication pivot of contacts among countries in the Pacific region.

Taiwan is known for its eminent mountain features that span from the north to the south of the island. These hard rock mountains had developed from series of volcanic activities. Nearly 200 of the island's peaks rise 3,000 meters or more in altitude, with Yu Shan (Mount Jade) being the highest peak at 3,952 meters. Lush green mountains occupy up to the edge of the cerulean Pacific Ocean on the east coast, while the west coast features large coastal plains, which oblique downwardly to the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan's weather is distinct in both the north and south. While the south enjoys a tropical, oceanic climate, the north is semi-tropical at mountain altitudes, with a touch of snow.
Taiwan is considered as one of the best visited locations of the world. There are various tourist locations , some of the favorite places to visit in Taiwan are National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, Taroko Gorge, Shilin Night Market, Lungshan Temple and many more. Some of the other places to go are the Yangmin Mountain and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Shrine. Culture, rituals and customs in Taiwan are very colorful and rich owing to a diverse composition of its population. However, the Chinese culture dominates that of Taiwan. Goods made out of jade is a favorite of all those who visit the country. Peking Opera and traditional Taiwanese dance performances are very interesting to watch. Tourist can also see marvelous works of calligraphy, paintings, wood carvings etc..



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