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人间仙境的美丽传说——九寨沟 A Fairyland on the Earth—Jiuzhaigou

wh  10-10-12 13:20


After I have made a visit to Jiuzhaigou, I can't help telling everyone that it’s a paradise on the earth and one would regret not having been there. As a lover of water myself, I am totally entranced with this mystical and wonderful waterworld.

Jiuzhaigou is girdled around with rugged, towering mountains. The lakes are embosomed in thick forests and rendered emerald green. Rushing rivers come passionately pouring over the mighty waterfalls with an unceasing thunder. No matter where you are, you will be instantly caught up with the breathtaking beauty of each place.

It is said that long long ago there was a god named Dage who was in love with a goddess. He gave the goddess a mirror as a gift which she accidentally dropped out of exalted joy and broke it into 108 pieces. The 108 fragments of the mirror fell into the world of mortals, each turning into a lake of emerald green. Of course this is only a folk tale. The lakes come into being because the deposit of calcium carbonate in the water increases by slow accumulation and finally forms milk-white calcareous banks which hold the water. Lakes formed in this way are called barrier lakes. It is natural that a beautiful place deserves a beautiful legend, but the real cause is far from romantic compared with the myth related to them.

Jiuzhaigou boasts of five wonders—the majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, overlapping waterfalls, colorful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folkways, which achieve a perfection of themselves and a diversity of splendor in different seasons, turning Jiuzhaigou into a fascinating fairyland.


Among the four seasons, I prefer the autumn here when leaves take on different colors. At this time of the year the temperature varies greatly between day and night; therefore, leaves of different trees are colored variously, displaying a riot of enchanting colors. Together with the purity of water, their different colors cover the land with a beauteous coat. Jiuzhaigou is also simple in folkways, which impresses tourists with a sweet hospitality and makes them feel as if in a fabled abode of immortals.



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