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宁静的夜晚—浦东机场 A Quiet Night at Shanghai Pudong International Airport

wh  10-10-17 21:19

In the past ten years I have been to Shanghai Pudong International Airport for many times and felt nothing special about it. But this time I’ve had completely different feelings when I took a night flight. I walked back and forth in the empty departure lounge where I hardly saw a soul. But I wasn’t scared since the whole place was blazed with lights; on the contrary, the quietness of the airport greatly helped me to calm down.

Therefore, I decided to seize the opportunity to tour around the airport. It is said that about 7000 piles have been used to support this enormous building. The roof is made up of colorful steel plates with huge spindle-shaped skylights. Reflection glass is used as curtain walls. When I entered Pudong Airport for the first time, astonished to find there was not a single ground-to-ceiling column here, I even questioned the safety of the building. Later, I got to know that architects had undergone various simulation experiments, such as load tests, vibration tests and wind loading tests, and finally succeeded in the construction of the glass curtain wall with the support of steel frames and cable network. It turned out that my worries were totally unnecessary. The architecture of Pudong Airport not only achieves an artistic effect of transparency, but also meets the need of structural safety; and there is no wondering that it has taken a prize for its exceptional design.



The spacious and empty departure lounge was very quiet except the resounding broadcast for reminding passengers to get on board. I looked through the glass curtain wall and saw planes of different sizes dotted over the immense parking apron. It was already late at night and these planes were resting temporarily. They were waiting for their next flight and ready for takin



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