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The ends of the earth

editor  13-03-27 16:48

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Lovers often make the following pledge: I will follow you to the ends of the earth. But how to make this vow come true? Invite them to continue their love on Hainan Island! 
“天涯海角”refers to the end of the sky and the edge of the sea, and is usually used to describe a place far away. In fact, there is a real “天涯海角” in the southernmost part of Hainan Province. It is the seaside area of the city Sanya in Hainan. 
Hainan Province is an isolated island far from mainland China. In ancient times, because of its isolation, closed-off transportation, scarce inhabitants, and uncultivated land, officials demoted by the emperor were exiled there. After they made their way there, having faced the boundless sea and reflected on their own bitter experiences, they would exclaim that they had reached the ends of the earth. Thus, it is called “the end of the earth.” 
During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty, a local official asked someone to carve the word “天涯” (the end of the sky) on a huge beachside stone. Later, someone else carved “海角” (the edge of the sea) on another huge stone. From then on, it became a famous scenic spot. 
Because it is in the tropics, 天涯海角 has no real winter. During severe winters, there is snow all over mainland China, but this island is still full of green trees. Therefore, it is a good place to enjoy a year-round summer in China. 



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