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感受青岛 Feel Qingdao

wh  10-10-21 16:25

鸟瞰青岛 A Bird's Eye View of Qingdao


Qingdao is located in the south tip of Shandong Peninsula, covering an area of 10,654 square kilometers with a population of 6.99 million. It is a very important coastal city in China and also a national renowned tourist destination with historical and cultural significance.
In 2008, I came to Qingdao and appreciated her beauty.
Qingdao in April enjoyed a glorious weather. There were crowds of tourists in the Signal Hill Park which was situated in the centre of the city. The hill was comparatively high and clothed with thick vegetations. It was not only an ideal place for traveling, but also for overlooking the whole city and collecting Chinese mugwort and predawn dewdrops. (It is a tradition for Shandong people on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month to pray for heaven's blessing by picking Chinese mugwort and collecting dewdrops in high places). The Signal Hill was originally named "the Big Rock". After the establishment of Qingdao Port, people built a flag signal tower there to deliver signals when ships came in and out. Then the hill was latterly renamed the "Signal Hill" or the "Flag Hanging Hill".
On top of the hill stood three red buildings shaped like mushroom, which were really eye catching. It is said that they represented the flame torch for transferring signals in the ancient China and now they served as "revolving towers" for sightseeing. You could appreciate the whole city-view in the tower: the winding coastline, the "little Qingdao Isle" floating on the sea and the landmarks of all styles in the city such as the Zhanqiao Pier, the TV Tower, the Governor's Palace, the Catholic Church and the Trade Building. Blue sea, azure sky, red tiles, green trees, yellow walls…all of these formed a colorful view of an attractive seaside city.


Stepping out of the Signal Hill Park, you could take a stroll on the seashore sidewalk along the coast. This sidewalk was an all time open scenic spot within the city, measuring 36.9 kilometers and was the main travel line for enjoying seascape on land. It linked the Zhanqiao Pier Park, the No.1 Bathing Beach, the Lu Xun Park, the Xiaoyushan Park, the Naval Museum, the Little Qingdao Isle Park, the May 4th Square, the Badaguan Scenic Spot, the Shilaoren Bathing Beach and other places of interest. Wandering along the pedestrian, you could take in the beauty of the sunshine, the beach, sea waves and reefs in one picture which was rolling before your eyes as if you were visiting a unique seashore gallery.

青岛标志性建筑之一: 栈桥

One of the Landmarks in Qingdao: the Zhanqiao Pier


The most charming view in Qingdao was its sea. I liked going to the sea and enjoying the sunrise in the early morning, observing the seagulls flying above the water, looking at the golden beach colored by the rosy clouds, watching people collecting seashells after the rise and fall of every tide, following them doing morning exercises on the beach…

潮起潮落 The Ebb and Flow of the Sea


How time flies! Every time I examine the pictures shot in Qingdao, I cannot help singing praises for its beauty.



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