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永远的屋脊 The Great Roof of the World

wh  10-10-23 00:00

It is said that people can only get to know what the real Tibet is only when they get out of Lhasa. This time I visited two of the three sacred lakes of Tibet, namely, the nam lake and the yanmdrok lake, and I went to see glaciers, Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Nyainqentangla peak as well.

Nyainqentangled Peak

The scenery of the nam lake boasts of a breathtaking beauty. The nam lake, which means the “heavenly lake” in Tibetan, is the world’s highest lake in altitude. People will get to know the reason why it is named so the moment they climb over the mountain and spot the great lake at the first sight. Seen afar, the clouds look as if they were floating under the lake, and the lake can be seen as a blue silk ribbon fluttering in the sky, or the blue sky itself.

The Nam Lake

On the road to the nam lake, clouds seem hanging so low in the sky that people are able to tear a piece down if they leap up high enough.

Qinghai-Tibet Highway

As you are standing on the plateau, seeing the vast prairie receding to the horizon, the lake turning diversely blue colors glittering against the sky, the clouds as well as the glaciers, and the snow-capped holy mountains ranging majestically and continuously to the distant, you will keep this fair view imprinted in your mind and never regret to come all the way to this great Roof



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