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美丽的塞罕坝 The Beautiful Saihan Ba

wh  10-10-24 02:03


The name of Saihan Ba is a combination of Chinese and Manchurian. It means "a beautiful mountain range". Saihan Ba National Forest Park is located in an autonomous county inhabited by Man nationality, Mongolian nationality and Han nationality. Its height ranges from 1010 to 1939.6 meters above sea level. The total area is around 95000 ha, which is 168 kilometers away from Chengde city, and 396 kilometers away from Beijing. It is an important part of Mulan Hunting Ground, the famous imperial hunting ground of Qing Dynasty, as well as an ideal place for traveling, taking photos and painting.

In late September, we came to the long-expected Saihan Ba and used our cameras to frame its beautiful grassland in the golden autumn. We watched the lakes and mountains presenting different views with the changing of sunlight. We were also impressed by the unforgettable experience of driving on the endless grassland and through boundless forests.


Standing on the Saihan Tower, we had a bird's eye view of the endless forest.

The Beautiful Scenes of Canyons, Valleys and Brooks

The Landscape of the Lake

The Fairyland on Earth Veiled by the Morning Mist

The Picturesque View of the Grassland with an Autumn Color


After feasting our eyes on this beautiful scenery, we felt so exhilarated and delighted. Farewell, beautiful Saihan Ba. We will be sure to come back.



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