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editor  13-06-28 16:20

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Time magazine published the following review: “Nanluoguxiang is a narrow lane of traditional courtyards in the city center, jammed with bars, cafés, restaurants, hostels and shops selling Beijing-themed T-shirts and handicrafts like traditional paper cuttings. Business on the street has boomed, and shops close and open on a near weekly basis. Some old courtyards at the southern entrance of the street were recently torn down to make way for a subway stop, a change that is likely to bring even more visitors to this ancient street, and continue to drive its unceasing transformation.”
      这个地方就是南锣鼓巷。南锣鼓巷北起鼓楼东大街, 南止地安门东大街,全长786米, 宽8米,它东西各有8条胡同整齐排列着,西面的8条胡同是福祥胡同、蓑衣胡同、雨儿胡同、帽儿胡同、景阳胡同、沙井胡同、黑芝麻胡同、前鼓楼苑胡同;东边的8条胡同是炒豆胡同、板厂胡同、东棉花胡同、北兵马司胡同、秦老胡同、前圆恩寺胡同、后圆恩寺胡同、菊儿胡同。
This is Nanluoguxiang. North of Gulou East Street and south of Di’anmen East Street, Nanluoguxiang is 786 meters in length and 8 meters in width. From the east to the west, there are eight hutong alleyways arranged in order on either side. The eight west hutong are Fuxiang Hutong, Suoyi Hutong, Yu’er Hutong, Mao’er Hutong, Jingyang Hutong, Shajing Hutong, Heizhima Hutong, and Gulouyuan Hutong. The eight to the east are Chaodou Hutong, Banchang Hutong, Dongmianhua Hutong, Beibingmasi Hutong, Qinlao Hutong, Qianyuan’en Hutong, Houyuan’en Hutong, and Ju’er Hutong. 
The soul of Nanluoguxiang lies in the historical remnants of these hutong as well as their traditional cultural ambience. From the ancient officials of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the literary masters of the Republican Era, Nanluoguxiang has witnessed the great historical changes of hundreds of years in China, making it a scenic spot full of Beijing’s local flavor. If you want to experience authentic hutong life in Beijng, come here. However, it is full of people on holidays. Street-facing shops are crowded with visitors, and vendors’ shouts rise and fall, making people doubt whether or not it has true cultural ambience. Is it the essence of Beijing? Perhaps this is the dilemma that many scenic spots face. 


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