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宁波奉化雪窦山弥勒大佛 The Statue of Buddha Maitreya on the Xuedou Mountain in Fenghua

wh  10-10-26 11:25

It is said that Fenghua was the home where Putai Hoshang (Cloth-bag Monk) grew up, became a monk and achieved Parinirvana. Since ancient times, Fenghua has been regarded as the center of worshipping and performing the rites relating to the Buddha Maitreya. I was lucky to have been to the famous Xuedou Mountain scenic spot and visited the world’s tallest seated bronze Buddha Maitreya in the open.

The Xuedou Mountain scenic spot is located in the northwest of Xikou town, Fenghua City, Zhejiang Province. With an altitude of 800 meters, it is the highest peak of the branch range of Siming Mountains, and is reputed as “the first hill of Siming Mountains”.

The Buddha Maitreya in the open air sits at the eastern back of the Xuedou Temple, which is 369 meters above the sea level. The statue is 33 meters tall, sitting on a nine-meter-high lotus throne, under which is a three-story building shaped like the Temple of Heaven with a total height of 56.74 meters. The entire scenic region has six areas according to their functions, namely, the core area of the statue, the worshipping area, the group sculptures area, the cultural relic exhibition area, the recreational area, and the shopping area.

Introduction says that the whole statue was made of over 500 tons of tin bronze and supported by 400 tons steel bars from the inside. The kind smiling Buddha looks down from a height and incorporates with the mountain as a whole harmoniously. Seen from afar, the Buddha is magnificently glittering with light.



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