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“海上仙都”——太姥山园区 Taimu Mountain Scenic Area

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The peak cluster composed of stony peak, fortress, wall and pillar, arranged in a proper distribution with uneven density. Mould-making landforms looking as natural as though they were living, and stony eggs in different poses and with different expressions, make up a gorgeous and colorful painting. The accompanying landscapes of fissure valley, lane valley, canyon and cave are distinctive too.
There are beautiful bay, broad sea area and peculiar island in the scenic area.
The human landscapes appear colorful with the ancient temple and Buddhist tower built in past dynasties, possessing the special amorous feelings of SHE ethnicity camp.
 Jiulichaotian (Nine Carps Facing Sky) peak cluster: The cluster consists of nine tall straight peaks and pillars, vividly like nine jumping carps, and hence named Nine Carps Facing Sky. The peaks and pillars are straight upward and extremely spectacular. Due to the well-developed near horizontal joints, the peak tops and cliff surfaces are modified by spherical weathering, forming many vividly-shaped rocks.
The Dayushan Island is one of the top ten most beautiful islands in China and also the biggest island in northeast of Fujian. The island covers an area of 21.5km2. The summit of the island on the Hongjidong Mountain is 541.4m above sea level. Therefore, it is the highest island in Fujian. Lakes and a vast pasture lie in the centre of the island. These make the island a peculiar landscape rarely seen in the islands of southern China.
The Dayuandang beach is 1,220m long and 100-400m wide. The beach is covered with medium-grained sands. Being in a k-feldspar granite area, the sands contain potash feldspars grains and thus show a golden colour under sunshine. This forms wonderful scenery that integrates golden sands with bluish waves.


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